Applications in Recreation and Leisure

After more than a year of the pandemic with periods of confinement, countless social activities were suspended, and part of the time we dedicated to them was left without use. Therefore, we propose below three applications that may be a great option when thinking about what to do with leisure and free time.

Applications in Recreation and Leisure

A new relationship with technology

Work, studies, shopping, and even entertainment have been powered by technology in the last year. Much of the daily time needed to carry out these activities were redirected to interacting with screens, so why not give it a focus that benefits us?

Incorporating applications to leisure and free time activities can provide you with pleasant benefits, including monetary ones, and what is better: it does not have to mean stress or wear and tear.

Learn English or earn money in your free time with BlaBla

Learning a new language could be a good alternative for those wondering what to do in their spare time. BlaBla is an application that allows you to learn English in an entertaining way and in a short time.

With videos starting at 30 seconds in length, this platform links native speakers with those who seek to learn a new language through the content generated by the former.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Blabla delivers a tremendous learning experience with over 8,000 lesson videos and 18 levels, which can be tracked on progress. It is also possible to interact with other users to practice.

On the other hand, you can create your own material by applying to the application as a native speaker and thus generate money in your free time. Gain followers and increase your monthly income speaking your native language and in everyday situations. Cool!

On the other hand, if you want to continue learning languages ​​in a different way, you cannot miss the Movistar Campus Living App either, where you will find entertaining content to learn English with Duolingo. You also have at your disposal the British Council Living App with a large amount of training content for the little ones in the house.

Find what you need thanks to People

Many times we use our free time to browse virtual stores, looking for items or services that we need, and although the offer is wide, there are times that we do not have all the information that we would like before making a decision.

People is an application that offers access to recommendations and comments from trusted people, to help make a better purchase decision. Sounds good right? But there is more.

Recreation Scholarships

You can also create product lists and enter comments to be shared with friends who, like you, are looking for what to do in their free time, in this case visiting virtual galleries.

From hotel and restaurant reservations to games or kitchen items, this application is based on the search according to the user’s own criteria, receiving relevant comments, and the option to redirect you directly to the sales portal in case you decide to go for what you were looking for.

This way of intermediating e-commerce with social networks is known as social commerce, and it allows to streamline the shopping experience based on the trust that people place in their social networks as sources of opinion.

Organize your finances and share expenses in leisure and free time activities with Subscribe

Keeping the order of personal expenses is a responsibility that comes hand in hand with independence, and on some occasions, it implies linking more people; for example, when sharing a flat.

With a Subscription, you can keep the order of your expenses, since it is directly linked to your bank account, and thus being able to manage the distribution of expenses with friends, such as rent or a meal account, is much easier.

Indoor Pool Applications

You will not have to charge or chase anyone for your money in your free time, since the application allows you to register, distribute and notify the linked people. Thus the payment of services or meals is covered since by having a link with your bank account you will be able to receive the payment directly.

In addition to the above, Subscription allows you to share the payment of subscriptions to streaming platforms with strangers. Either because of the pleasure of sharing or to take better care of your finances, in the marketplace section, you can link with other users and agree to distribute the payment of services such as HBO GO or Disney +, among others.

You will not have to worry about security and confidentiality, since this application bases its data handling policy on the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) of the European Union, just as any bank would.

Applications such as Subscription benefit from all the technological development that fintech companies have generated, thus allowing access to a financial management service with all the necessary standards through a friendly interface that facilitates day-to-day issues.

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